Who We Are

 We are The Collective Tree. A group of talented individuals that make a team that delivers exceptional work. We are a boutique advertising agency that specializes in offering full-service Branding, Marketing, and Media packages.


Our team is entrenched with artists from various forms of art from Graphic Design, Illustrations, Photography, Motion Graphics, and Video. We instill a foundation that design always comes first with no short corners.


Marketing has changed vastly over the past 5 years. Our marketing teams creates a solid strategy that executes in specific locations using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using direct keyword advertising.


In the digital age, there is no easy way to keep track of all the new forms of social marketing. We keep you up and connected with any or all of the trending marketing techniques and outlooks. Your company will always be on the cutting edge of where social media follows.

Our Services


Think of us as your business partner. We will sit down with you to conceptualize and customize a plan of attack to grow and expand you business. Starting from your logo down to the font choice!


Utilizing all aspects of online and offline media, we will curate content and create integrated campaigns to create public awareness, brand loyalty, and a social awareness.


We will create original content that relates to and picks at the interest and curiosity of your viewers. This will grow a network of followers that will create buzz and organic results back to your business


Our excellent team of web designers will build you the perfect website to help your business grow. Every website is responsive and mobile ready for all phones and tablets.


Media and Entertainment is the fastest and most direct way of contact and gaining traction to your business. We can create tv/web content, visual effects editing, and spotify/pandora radio ads for any need.


The best brands are built with the best designs! We will do full photo shoots of your business and team so that your website, videos, and ads are on the cutting edge.

More About Us


The Collective Tree is a full-service advertising agency that delivers strategic solutions, top-notch marketing, and cutting edge design. Built on a foundation of innovation and a company culture that values creativity, we approach every project with a unique perspective. Our ability to work with clients as if they were members of our team has proven to be an approach that brings limitless potential and noteworthy success.

Founded in 2012

2017 Happy Customers

98 Projects Completed

200 Coffee Cups

This is a collection of work our artists created. The worked showcased here is an excellent example of the quality that The Collective Tree can deliver. The team has worked with many of the worlds top brands and clients in the media, fashion, and entertainment industries. The video displays great discipline in shooting film, motion graphics, advertising, graphic design, and illustration. Using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke, and many more; The Collective Tree has a very talented team ready at hand.

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